RWFM Statement on the Mueller Report

LANSING, MI. – The following is a Statement by the Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan (RWFM) on the April 18, 2019 release of the Mueller Report:

Democrats in Washington D.C. need to move on and get a reality check. The investigation into Donald J. Trump was a punishment looking for a crime and a rationalization of a foregone conclusion.

The Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan (RWFM), along with many other rational, reasonable Americans, grew weary of the “collusion delusion” and the inappropriate attempts to delegitimize a duly elected president.  It does not take two years to investigate treason nor does it take a proverbial “rocket scientist” to know what high crimes and misdemeanors entail.

Motivated by unprecedented, visceral hate, the liberal-left’s shameful political grandstanding and theater creates a deliberate threat to our Constitutional Republic.  Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the House of Representatives will pay at the polls in 2020 for their partisan, no-holds-barred approach to ‘oversight.’

The Constitution makes clear the distinction between the ‘balance of powers’ in government and an abuse of power. The Bill of Rights guarantees rights to every U.S. citizen with President Donald J. Trump as no exception. Despite a two-and-a-half-year, forty million dollar investigation conducted by a host of Clinton supporters and an independent counsel, the Democrats remain unsatisfied in the results. Their insatiable desire to bring down the President knows no bounds and remains unyielding to reason.  The Mueller report, now released, found no evidence of collusion or obstruction, yet, the country endured and the taxpayers paid for two wasteful years’ investigating what we knew was a dead-end and baseless witch hunt.

The Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan (RWFM) is concerned about real issues: a proposed $0.45 gas tax (in the car capital of the world, rejected by 75% of our residents) by an out of touch and ill-prepared Democrat governor; immigration reform and border security that contributes to an influx of drugs, gangs and a drain on our welfare systems which is an issue that has reached a crisis level.  Despite these issues, another Michigan Congressional Democrat seeks a hunger strike to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency designed to protect America.

The RWFM cares about Michigan’s rising car insurance premiums, our roads, infrastructure, education, jobs, criminal justice reforms, healthcare, our veterans, agriculture, and our Great Lakes among other priorities. Most importantly, the RWFM is concerned about the safety and security of the people who call Michigan home. We are committed to Constitutional freedoms, including those now facing the fiercest Democrat opposition ever seen–namely, religious liberty (especially Christians), the right to life (from conception to the cradle to the grave), and the right to bear arms.

The Democrats have shown themselves to be a party of unmitigated hate where personal destruction of another human being (Trump, Kavanaugh, Page, etc.) trumps all logic and decency.  In the interest of effective government and furthering the interests of all Americans over partisan politics gone amok, we ask our Republican leaders in Congress, in Michigan, in the White House, and across America to stand firm and stand with us. The real collusion will be revealed and 2020 is coming! #Stand Firm.