RWFM Endorsement of Donald J. Trump for President

October 9, 2016

The Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan (RWFM) is proud to announce its five-star endorsement of Mr. Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. The release of this endorsement is intentional and timely given recent events and reporting.

We believe the tenor of the 2016 presidential campaign is unusual at best and mired in the most negative and distractive opposition led by the weak and feckless leadership of Hillary Clinton.

We believe this election will determine our nation’s greatness for 50 years to come and should we get this wrong, our Supreme Court and liberties will be forfeited to an unyielding and permanently destructive progressive ideology.

We believe that under no circumstance should poor behavior, coarse language, sexists, racists, or bigotry of any kind be tolerated.  With this said, as women, and more importantly, Republican women, we have demonstrated throughout our nation’s history our ability to forgive, embrace, restore, and redeem for a cause greater than one person or ourselves. The Party of Lincoln was established in Michigan to abolish slavery, and which became the Party of Suffrage, Civil Rights, and now the Life of the Unborn. Republican women have shown love and compassion towards those who by practice and law were considered chattel, undesirable, and in cases, less than a whole person.

Therefore, the RWFM five-star endorsement supports the Constitution, our 2016 GOP platform and conservative principles and policies and is free of personality, persona, and petty politics.

We believe Donald J. Trump…

• Supports the Constitution of Michigan and the Constitution of the United States

• Supports the Principles of the Michigan Republican Party & Republican National Committee

• Supports Women and Issues Important to Women

• Supports the 2016 Republican Party Platform

• Supports Our Nation’s Founding Declarations and Articles that Promote Liberty, Freedom, and Traditional, Conservative Values